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How to commission your portrait
It couldnít be easier to commission a portrait. Whether you wish for a wedding portrait as a gift, a pet portrait for a proud owner, or a family portrait, all you need to provide is a selection of recent, relevant photographs.
Ideally live sittings are best, but when painting children, pets, or a posthumous portrait, a selection of good clear photographs is perfectly fine to work with.
Once you have contacted Jenny about commissioning your portrait, you can either email or post your photographs, or whenever possible, meet up in person, and discuss how you would like your portrait to look. Itís always good to have a little background on the portraitís subject, and whether there are specific details youíd like included in the painting.
Pricing is determined by the amount of subjects in the painting (whether it's of one person or a few), the size of your canvas, and other details. All portraits are oil on canvas, so you should allow between 6-8 weeks for completion of your portrait.
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